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Paul McCartney on Acid (by haripothed)


  • 10 reasons why people read lists.
  • 467 ways to spend $15M in venture capital funding on lists.  
  • 63 lists.
  • 9 ways to present information in bullet or ordered numerical form. 
  • 14 listicles about digesting information in a particular fashion. 
  • 11 New Yorker articles you won’t read but we’ll break down for you in a linear, numbered way. 
  • 16 pictures of cats entirely free of any context because it was a slow, slow news day. 
  • 12 reasons why the Buzzfeed Politics section is incredibly well-done yet largely unreferred to on the front page.
  • 10 people we poached from other media companies in a shrewd yet applaudable power grab because god knows America just wants well-written lists from some of New York’s most well-connected writers and editors which is kind of a brilliant move even if it means people read actual articles less and less over time. 
  • π
  • ∞ number of echo-chamber-esque reactionary think-pieces to the HBO show Girls and/or the New York media scene. 
  • 6 random numbers, like that show Lost. 
  • Hey, remember the 90’s?