Also, remember: These protests arranged by Muslims aren’t only about the Islamophobic film (created by an extremist Coptic Christian to pit Jews and Muslims against each other again) but most of the rage comes from the resentment and frustration the Middle East and Central and South Asia have for US foreign policy (which happens to be extremely dishonest, exploitative and violent). Anyone thinking all Muslims are “touchy” is over-simplifying the issue. This film only triggered it once again. I spoke to one of the students in Pakistan who has been protesting other Islamophobic productions and he had a very simple thing to say: “It’s not just the film. It’s everything. Their politics, abuse and mockery for us. We don’t talk about the clash of civilizations; they do. They created the battle of West against East. It’s not just the film. You’re naive to think so.” He had a point.

The thing I find so disturbing in Right wing comments regarding the Libya embassy attack, is that the Arab Spring demonstrators need to be put in their place.  I think it is natural that after 30 years of suppression, that anger against US policy is still at the boiling point. The hydra of our foreign policy creates terrible power structures that need ever more “assistance” to keep under control. Focus on supporting democracy, and stop trying to dictate how Middle Easterners should react when they are being bombed in undeclared war. Sending more bombs, is perhaps, the wrong message.