These are the source images I used to make my new header for the Serendippity blog. Composed in CS5.5.

  • Brick: Life in the Bristolwood searched “brick sidewalk”
  • Curtain: ”theater curtain” found one for $20, got the image url, searched that, voila
  • Shoes: Natacha Marro ”red glitter shoe” looks like Nina Ricci knockoff, but it’s her own custom line! Stephanie Guinness can’t be wrong about shoes

Thus has ended the long drought in my home town, and the ugly ass background that has reflected my state of mind. I feel so much better now, come & see my blog~!

When it rains, it pours. 

  1. imall4frogs said: Outstanding work! 8-)
  2. sphinxnomore said: Like the blog and the green curtin is nice!
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